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We understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to going public. That’s why our approach is unique and individually tailored based on needs, risks and goals. May it be a SPAC or a direct IPO, we provide support before, during, and after. Throughout your IPO journey, our team of experienced professionals can help support you through your IPO process. 


As you move forward with IPO or SPAC path, the initial assessment stage might be overwhelming. At Assuro, we make this process as seamless and convenient for our clients so that they are easily able to navigate through these waters. We are fully equipped to assist you and your organization with numerous aspects of IPO and SPAC preparation, on projects both large and small. We will perform an initial assessment of your readiness for an IPO or a SPAC, giving you our honest analysis of your strategy. If there is a better alternative transaction strategy that is best for you, we will let you know.


doing work together

Planning for an IPO

  • Assessing IPO readiness

  • Creating a detailed plan & timetable for the IPO

  • Prepare & file for the IPO 

  • Developing plan for ongoing financial reporting as a public company

  • Helping to develop accounting policies

  • Assistance with US GAAP to IFRS conversions


green papers

Executing an IPO


  • Helping to prepare financial statements and pro forma financial information, including quarterly financials

  • Drafting disclosures

  • PMO services


Looking Out of a Skyscaper


  • Assisting with external reporting
    Providing insights into the implications of new accounting standards

  • Monitoring sufficiency of resources and deploying resources as needed

  • SOX services

IPO Readiness: Projects
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